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  • 15 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 13:42

Want to dry nail polish quickly Cancer Being

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Dermatology Specialist Assoc.

Dermatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. In fact Kaptanoğlu Feria , according to most people appear to be a simple process of manicure , nail UV lamps used to dry the skin can cause cancer , he said.
Kaptanoğlu said , in today's world of women indispensable hand and nail care manicure's , many women at home by themselves as applied , professional salon , different technological products and transactions also because it is quite popular , said:\"nail polish to dry spend time does not want to or longer lasting care who prefer ladies, breath in this hall takes but a recent study , skin cancer, in terms of alarming the . regular manicure or gel manicure done , the nail polish to dry There are two options ; their own institution or a device with the help of drying . Polish self-drying 10-30 minutes , we could while some halls , the drying process to speed up the air blower and ultraviolet-A ( UVA) light emitting special devices are used. gel on nails , the nail polish before nails over a gel coating and the gel dries hardening UV radiation is needed , use of these devices to oblige , \"he said .
Kaptanoğlu , solarium equipment used in the light of the same type UV light exposure to skin cancer and skin aging increases the risk of drawing attention said:
\"in 2009 American Medical Association in the Journal (JAMA) , manicure-pedicure salons use ultraviolet light caused by exposure to the back of the hand skin cancers developing healthy, middle-aged two women to be included on concern a further increased. Dermatology JAMA-published study in the journal is very new on the danger of these devices revealed . In this study ; In 16 different halls , 17 different light sources , each of 5 different hand position inside the device , the amount of UV measured for each application were evaluated. Results ; and from device to device depending on the position of the hand in the device quite differently, revealed that exposure to UVA radiation . The study , one per application the UV amount is low , although about 8 application on the skin cumulative ultraviolet damage can lead also showed . \"
Kaptanoğlu , back of the hand will consist of sun spots and skin cancer increases the risk to avoid , gel nail application or a quick polish drying device when entering protective gloves to be worn or devices without at least 15 minutes before the condition that the sun protective cream should be the safest way if the nail polish dry naturally wait is added .

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