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  • 23 Eylül 2014, Salı 13:04

More than stay in the sun leads to skin cancer

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Excessive exposure to the sun is the major cause of skin cancer were noted.

Excessive exposure to the sun is the major cause of skin cancer were noted.
Servergazi State Hospital Plastic Surgery Op Mustafa orphans , but very exposed to the sun than the face, ears and neck region with skin cancer more common , he said. Skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma , squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma divided into three voicing Orphans, \"the most common types of skin cancer basal cell skin cancer, skin against external factors which protects the top layer of basal cells change occurs. Usually sun-exposed areas develop. Growth is slow , the skin in general does not spread and rarely life-threatening . Example as facial basal cell carcinoma most frequently observed is the region . open skin color, people with the most common type of skin cancer basal cell skin cancer. a common type of cancer one of squamous cell skin cancer. third and most dangerous skin cancer, which is a type melanoma, other skin cancers compared to the rare , but early diagnosis if it does not result in death. early diagnosed if the patient's complete treatment possible. \"Association of Public Hospitals depend on
Servergazi Denizli State Hospital Plastic Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Mustafa Orphans, among the factors that trigger skin cancer, the most important harmful effects of the sun's rays that cause our skin to UV-B stressed .
Orphans, UV-B radiation of the head and neck region observed in the basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, the most important factor is shown as specifying said:\"Apart from the lips and oral mucosa seen in carcinomas of tobacco chewing and smoking habits, the risk factors emerge as the . Caution should be another factor , especially in sub-extiremite seen in stasis ulcer we call open wound and still burn after a long recovery period undergoing wounds squamous cell carcinoma seen in the risk artıştır.yaşl with the skin cancer incidence increases the risk . this is because with age and exposure to sunlight increased duration may be . therefore the sun's rays that cause skin cancer is the most important reason is to avoid the sun's most important preventive measures . \"
sun reaches the earth steepest need to be protected from the sun between the hours of 10:00 to 16:00 , indicating that Dr. Orphans, \"Light-colored , tightly woven protective clothing and a hat , use sunscreen use in childhood begin skin cancer prevention is required. Again, males basal cell skin cancer than in women twice , squamous cell cancer and three times more than is observed . Once the skin someone who has cancer, skin cancer seen in a second time are more at risk , \"he said .

More than stay in the sun leads to skin cancer" comments for.


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