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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:09

Mass resignations in BBP'nin

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BBP former Vice President of the Organization Hassan Hussein announced his resignation from the party along with 77 people Bozoklar .

Ankara news: Photo Organization in charge of former Vice President Hasan Hüseyin Bozoklar , MKYK member Faruk Tuğcu , former Headquarters Organization Vice President and Training Responsible MKYK member Mehmet Alexis Beekeeper, supreme council delegates, district managers and 43 party members of resignation from the 77 person party , including he explained that he had . Resignation of the Crowne Plaza in explaining the press conference BBP Deputy former Chairman of the Organization Bozoklar , \"21 years ago, recognizing the pioneers of politics over faith and morals, being a soldier established BBP'nin the first place in order to gain political principles and reputation for always we heard pride . deceased our leader adhering to Muhsin Yazicioglu and BBP'nin always copy in the preceding national and spiritual values ​​honest and Her personality of political understanding , we continue our political struggle so far. Great Union ideal of service created by the interests of the main axis of the country and the nation saw it as a sacred duty . we know despite all the difficulties to be spokesman to the beliefs of our base showing the effort to uphold our party politics as one of the main purposes of being busy. the decisions we are announcing here today is the result of this faith and purpose , \"he said .
\"BBP , fOUNDATION fOR TODAY PHILOSOPHY DUE TO REPRESENTATION effusion is completely departed \"Photo \"BBP is not just a political party in terms of us , \"said Bozoklar , said:Photo \"for me as many friends I also BBP , Turkishness pride , Islam it was a heartfelt and unique pavilion of the virtues and the harbor where our nation finds itself saint . Cons of having a special place in the political life of BBP , and completely representing the attribute depends on the organization's philosophy today. Neither party's 21 years of political values ​​, what contributed to the former positions without considering the views , nor known public image of the community who trumpets a crypto operational structure emerged. Ear to the base of the discourse and not obstructing the basis for decision-making based on an understanding of consultations counts , has become the dominant party. This transformation also made ​​it impossible to fight within the party . Our values, our principles , our reputable political history , our sensitivity , no worldly benefits to spouses and kept out some of our struggle can not explain our way of separating our party has made it impossible to spend around relationships no longer essential. All with a sense of responsibility engendered these reasons and BBP'nin's ignores the rationale being based on principled and honest politics to do politics with a management perspective , this scourge from the party membership , together with the names written friend below in order not common and tasks we resign our . \"Photo tHOUSANDS mORE mEMBERS OF rESIGNATION wILL SOON Photo broader participation by states in the coming days they would perform a resignation Bozoklar , \"I ride my contribution has been a close member of Ankara . Make the necessary explanation of this in the coming days with our friends , they reported the resignation , \"he said .
That the process begins with the August 10 presidential election and reminding BBP'nin Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu Bozoklar support , \"Our challenge was struggling BBP'nin principles . This was their unprincipled on our friends . We decide that we should keep our principle objective of BBP'nin that day and we were referred to the discipline. They can not export but it was exported our friend, \"he said . Photo is on the question what they would do Bozoklar then ,\"There is never a thought as our new formation , no question . We will consult with our friends in the coming days . If in our country , if you need to serve our nation will continue to take a positive decision on our way together , \"he said .

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