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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:44

Major Decisions from Ukome

Major Decisions from Ukome
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Shortly before the first meeting of Transport Coordination Centre ( UKOME ) the decisions made by the Army of the traffic flow brings new regulations.

Ordu news: Photo army Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Dr. Mustafa at the meeting held in Çöpoğlu the presidency shortly after the Ünye district , which will enter service Intercity Bus then terminal , long distance from the Trabzon-Army direction and Samsun direction (31 seats and except six ) buses since November 17, the road environment from entering the Ünye city center was given authority to ukome for the provision of use . also another decision taken
, Army Metropolitan Municipality that the speed will be placed in what condition the way in which the cutter, speed cutter to determine the criteria as required to pass several vehicles per day on the road will be placed and these line speed breaker the criteria for placing was allowed to commission created in the Transportation Department has .
Transportation Coordination Center ( in UKOME ) meeting , Army Metropolitan Municipality initiated work shortly before the 752 km long hot to perform better and faster the asphalt tender a decision was taken . The decision of the roads during the transition from controlled studies providing tools to block the traffic, traffic circulation project of work to be done by a commission formed at the head of the Transportation Department .

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