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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 14:57

Kiwi Price increased two fold

Kiwi Price increased two fold
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Army Sebzeciler Chamber Board Member Hakan Saylor , the season's first two-fold increase in the price of domestic kiwi , said that retail sales of $ 5 .

Ordu news: took place in the native kiwi stalls started to harvest Photo army. Season's first kiwi were sold than 5 TL. Kiwi agricultural frost that occurred on 29-30 March were also affected . The kiwi harvest last year with 6 thousand to 70 thousand tons this year is expected to yield 825 tons . This decline in prices kiwi harvest was affected . Last year, the season's first domestic kiwi 2.5 TL Bed Army Sebzeciler stating that they purchased from Board Members and manvalık who Hakan Saylor , while this year's first native kiwi said they bought from 5 TL. Photo SAYLAN:\"< strong> PRICES NATIONALS eFFECTS was \"Photo army and the environment experienced agricultural frost as in the nuts of an expression that kiwi also influence price Army Sebzeciler Room provincial Board Member Hakan Saylor said,\"agricultural frost prices experienced in the kiwi was doubled by increasing one hundred percent . kiwifruit production is less than half of the production of this year than last year . last year brought us a 1 ton kiwi manufacturer brings kiwi from this year 100-150 pounds. this situation raises the kiwi's price . \"Stating that
Sebzeciler the decline in retail kiwi sales Saylor said, \"retailers as we take between 4 TL with kiwi 3 TL 80 cents from the manufacturer this year. these figures vary according to the kiwi's height and weight . the prices we offer like this when we first kiwi the season as retailers 5 TL for sale . The interest of the indigenous citizens kiwi dropped depending on the price , \"he said .

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