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  • 16 Eylül 2014, Salı 09:18

Immunotherapy in the Treatment of vitiligo began to Successful Results

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With the loss of the outer skin color with white patches known as a disease immunotherapy in the treatment of vitiligo began to successful results .

With the loss of the outer skin color with white patches known as a disease immunotherapy in the treatment of vitiligo began to successful results . Vitiligo is a disease specifically stating that based on the genetic basis of internal medicine specialist and immunoterapist Exp . Dr. Duraksoy ideal response to treatment time can be up to 1 week announced that five months .
be seen as vitiligo skin disease , and recent studies have not examined sufficiently localized skin treatments are inadequate for explaining Exp . Dr. Ideal Duraksoy disease mainly into the origin which was used without creams and light therapy from the satisfactory results can not be received as , and sometimes more advanced back as can be noted.
Immunotherapy immune system of whether treatment , saying that occupied an important place as a method of strengthening Exp . Dr. Duraksoy ideals of the disease due to psychological factors can also change the course said. Duraksoy ; \"Psychology us is really important. Because of stress , adrenal our cortisol, adrenaline-like immunity affecting our certain hormones causes the secretion . These hormones immunosuppressive effect , ie immunity of our prints . Immune system in this disease play a major role . Vitiligo, a lot of others with the disease can be. Vitiligo a weakened immune system and develop. stress the immunity of our enfeebles . on the other hand , genetic predisposition or our weakness we also for the disease is an important factor . however, a poor genetic heritage even if we immunity we are strong vitiligo may not occur or immunity strengthen our Herzegovina vitiligo can get out of , \"he said . < br/>
\" our immunity iS FOR tHE WEAK vitiligo have been killed ! \"
Why our vitiligo sometimes remain for years in the form of sporadic spots ? Increase than the spread indicates why ? Exp clarifying questions . Dr. Ideal Duraksoy said:\"Let us consider increasing spread showed periods in women breast-feeding , breastfeeding , such as post-natal heavy losses that the body's heavily traumatized the period. Males immune compromised where military service period as the period more frequently increase is encountered . Before him obediently sporadically's standing , even we can not even notice . or we see an increase in vitiligo after heavy antibiotic use . immunity weakens our vitiligo occurs or increases . \"
\" in the genetic predisposition ALL ! \"
Referring to the issue of genetic predisposition Specialist in vitiligo . Dr. Duraksoy ideals of missing and unknown about the disease suggested that this is in many ways . Duraksoy , \"Vitiligo is completely an immune system disease. Genetic predisposition within the framework progresses. Scientists prove it year in order to devote . Immunotherapy essence of immunity and genetic risk factors that find and treat has . These issues until now little wrong or incomplete understood . So in the family vitiligo is yes, a genetic predisposition , but one in five people present in the other four people why not? I think they all genetic predisposition . because the family of sugar , hidden sugar, hypertension, heart , allergy, asthma, bowel disease , inflammatory rheumatism, psoriasis , eczema, goiter , thyroiditis, cancer is a genetic predisposition counted. because all of them immune infects . 2.5 years in infants vitiligo involved . Why? Both mother and father severe genetic co-factors in the child conflicts from it . course, not psychological.completely immune too bad children and they need to be treated very well .'s immunity to protect our children and the general community is our duty actually preventive medicine . \"
\" The response to treatment varies according to PEOPLE . \"
treatment of the disease vary according to the person that reminds Exp. Ulku Duraksoy ; patients with comorbid example, a severe gluten intolerance celiac disease or type 1 diabetes, severe intestinal colitis , inflammatory rheumatism, severe constipation, active Hashimoto treat diseases such as vitiligo response rate and depending pigmentation speed is changing . response time of 1 week may begin as five months so can be prolonged . treatment completion immune completely the recovery depends usually the second year can be found. treatment early discontinuation of the drug, effectively and in sufficient doses used , checks done regularly to the success of treatment negative effects. patient compliance to treatment determine the success of the main factors is one .
immunotherapy WHAT
immunotherapy , and strengthens the immune system is a method of treating . cancer , vitiligo, thyroid , inflammatory rheumatism, hepatitis and many other diseases when administered in combination with standard of care can give good results .

Immunotherapy in the Treatment of vitiligo began to Successful Results" comments for.


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